About us:

Collective Current Collaborative is an art studio and creative laboratory based in Portland, Maine.  3C was established in 2017 by Karolyn Greenstreet, a painter and mixed media artist who possesses a passion for connecting with her community through the arts.  The collaborative is built on the firm conviction that visual artists are valuable to their local economies, enhance quality of life in their neighborhoods, and should have every opportunity to spread that joy by making a living doing what they love.  


We offer many creative services such as exhibition coordination, social media marketing for arts organizations, concept development and project collaboration, art instruction, and staging/rental of works for marketing projects.  We especially love to pair with local organizations and initiatives to raise awareness of issues or address problems through visual expression.  


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Our Mission

To connect makers to each other and to their community in thoughtful, visual arts based projects.

Recent Projects

Here's what we have been working on 

The "Insta-collages"

A series of collages made using a smart phone app originally designed to make quotes and memes for spreading inspiration, mayhem, and jokes, etc. over social media.  These are available as prints, but their main purpose is to be projected onto sculptural installations made with recycled materials.  This series explores materiality and the modern condition by presenting the constant recycling of imagery through technology and against a backdrop of man-made waste and non-renewable resources.

Collective Current Exhibit

The premiere show curated by Collective Current Collaborative  included current and former members of the Dooryard Art Collective in Portland, Maine.  The exhibit celebrated the organization in it's current form, it's evolution, and the importance of affordable work space for artists in our quickly changing city.  

Featured works from left:  Marci Spier, Doug Von, and Michaela Holt.

Puppeteers, performance artists, oil painters, print makers, and jewelers were included in a bold and powerful exhibit that established what is crucial about art-making and how it weaves a stronger community web the more it is shared and supported. 

Collective Current Exhibit

The exhibit took place at a historic community organization, the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association.  It was coordinated by Karolyn Greenstreet, Co-president of the Dooryard.  "Collective Current" renewed interest in the work of the Dooryard artists and established a lasting partnership between the collective and MCMA, allowing Greenstreet to launch Collective Current Collaborative.  

Featured works from left: Doug Von and Michaela Holt.